6 Weeks of Dating- What would you do if your son or daughter came home and said that he/she is married after knowing their significant other for only 6 weeks? Would you say are you CRAZY? Or would you be happy for them because they found someone to commit to?

Many individuals are doing things on the spur of the moment but marriage is a big step. When you plan to do this you must be sure that you know the person that you are getting into a big commitment with. Counseling is the best thing for a couple to do before spending the rest of their lives together. Speaking with a marriage counselor talking about things that may occur in the marriage. Knowing that the road will not be easy is the first step. The biblical is to get married and not to play house, but I believe that you must get to know one another before you take that big leap into the pond of marriage.

~ S.Boujeáe

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