One-Sided Relationships why is it so hard to receive the love that you are looking for? Many men and women ask themselves this question every day. Is there really someone out there that makes an individual complete? Is he looking for that perfect woman that is or isn’t like his mother? Is she is looking for the man that is similar to her father or is she looking for a father figure? Well, whatever it may be relationships are hard when you feel that it is one-sided. One-sided relationships are common in everyday lives for many people who are searching for love feel they have found it but the other person feels something else.

One-sided relationships mean to give your all to that significant other but the partner can’t give you that in return. Sad right? We’ve all had someone in our lives that we cared for deeply. This individual knows how to suck you in to believe every word they say. Many feel that it’s being greedy, they just want you to want them. In all actuality, they really just want to play games with you. Sad but it happens to people every day. Now, what will you do to stop this cycle from forming? Let me know what your thoughts and feelings are pertaining to one-sided relationships.

~ S.Boujeáe

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  1. Of course that is the situation if a person wants to be with you they will make an effort and time for you. Sorry to say actions speaks louder th​en words. You should also have options if they have options then so shall you.
    ~ S.Boujeáe


  2. I’m in a situation where I feel that I’m giving my all to this girl and she gives me some time but only once and a blue moon. She keeps telling me she loves me but I feel they are only words. Do you think that they are just saying they love me because they want to keep me on the side? Please help.


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