Hi, everyone, it’s S.Boujeáe,

I’m back for a review on something different this time its eyewear. Zenni is my new eyeglass website that sells great looking frames and prices are out of this world!

I purchased two pair this is the first pair I’m wearing Multicolor #126629 in the picture below and they started at $15.95 wow you guys do you see why I purchased these glasses. Not only will you a great look, but you also get great prices who could ask for more?

So if you’re looking for some stylish eyewear but you are on a budget then Zenni is for your you.

Oh, I almost forgot I’m wearing in the photo my Morphe lipstick in Dominate from my previous blog post. Love my love this lip color on me.

Glasses: http://www.zennioptical.com

Lipstick: http://www.morphe.com 

~ S.Boujeáe




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