March 14, 2019


Lipsticks at Great Prices

Lipstick at it’s finest!

What lipsticks are you into? There are many different brands that are great from Mac to Bobby Brown, to my new discovery line by MORPHE.

MORPHE is an amazing brand that is inexpensive and only $9.00 and gives you a high-quality finish! I happened to go into a store while in Maryland and asked a young lady that was my complexion what was the color lipstick she was wearing? The color was Dominate by MORPHE, well you know what I had to do was go to Ulta where she stated she purchased the lipstick and get me one! The Lipstick I purchased was Dominate which is a beautiful red for a brown-skinned young ladies like myself.

Dominate has a matte finish which I love a matte lipstick it gives such a better definition to your lips. Don’t get me wrong I love a beautiful lipgloss as well.

MORPHE is a must buy!! I will defiantly be reviewing more of MORPHE products so stay tuned!

~ S.Boujeáe

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