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There has been a new rave recently, and it comes in the form of a white powder called Collagen. Collagen is like a glue that holds our body together, something that our bodies produce but slows production as we get older. Collagen is found in vast areas of our bodies in places like; skin, eyes, bones, digestive tract, organs, hair, nails, teeth, blood vessels, tendons, joints, and cartilage. By age 40, our collagen depletes faster than the body can reproduce it, and by age 60 more than half of our collagen is depleted.

There are so many health benefits that collagen supplements provide:

  1. Improves skin, hair, and nails
  2. Helps with joint pain (anti-inflammatory)
  3. Repairs leaky gut
  4. Helps control weight
  5. Improves detoxification and liver function
  6. Supports bone growth, repair, and formation
  7. Helps protect your heart
  8. Boost metabolism, energy, and muscle mass
  9. Brain protection from Alzheimer

Collagen is available in powder, liquid, and cream form, the powder being the big rave these days, and has no known side effects. I would definitely check with your doctor before using if you’re taking any medications prescription or over the counter. If you decide to give it a try, stop back and give me a little feedback on it @kurvyfitt.

Reference: http://www.amymyersmd.com                                                            http://www.perfectketo.com


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