Hi everyone, sitting in vacation bible study eating some dinner before we go into class to hear the word. A conversation Sparks up amongst a group of men and women and the topic comes up if friends shouldn’t date? We started touching upon a celebrity couple that has recently become husband and wife after many years of friendship. I personally love the couple myself but worry that the friendship may be destroyed if, in fact, it doesn’t work out…

I do believe that when you cross those boundaries of friendship into becoming partners it messes up things. Friendships are sacred and I would never want to break a bond of friendship to get with an individual I once saw as just a friend.

How do you go back to enjoying each other as friends after being intimate with one another? I’m praying that this marriage works out! What are your thoughts on this topic? Let me know what you guys think?

Let’s talk about it.

~ S.Boujeáe

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