July 24, 2018


Sitting at the waterfront in Keyport, NJ is a very relaxing place to be for me today. I love looking out to the water while the boats go by.

I decided to get a bite to eat in an Asian Fusion restaurant by the name of Nemo. As I walk in I’m greeted by a friendly young man who asks will we be eating in our taking out? I reply back to say I will be dining in but outside on the deck. The waitress comes over and hands the two of us a menu. Oops did I forget to mention one of my good friends met me there?

The both of us order a glass of water due to me bringing my own (B.Y.O.B) so of course, I bring a bottle of wine by Liberty Creek in the delicious taste of Sweet Red one of my many favorites. Liberty Creek is not an expensive wine but its absolutely delicious!

My girlfriend and I both order Shrimp Tempura rolls and Sweet Potato roll as an appetizer. The meal of my choice is called Sombria which consists of brown or white rice with a choice of shrimp, chicken, and or beef. As our meals have digest we both order fried vanilla ice cream yummy…

Nemo’s has a fantastic menu so if you feel the urge to come to the shore and would like to eat some delicious Japanese food then come and taste the delightful meals that Nemo has to offer!


~ S.Boujeáe

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