June 18, 2018



This morning I met a young man that changed my outlook on life. He’s a 38-year-old that had a story to tell. Being my usual self I started a conversation with him by saying good-morning how is your day so far? The gentleman replied to his day was going well. I sensed an accent on him which I couldn’t tell at first but the more he spoke I said, where are you from?

The gentleman said to me its a long story. So being myself I said oh if it’s a long story then you don’t have to tell it. He then replied I’ll tell it and he then started to inlight me with how he has an accent. I couldn’t distinguish it at first but he sounded Dominican, he informed me he was around a lot of Latinos growing up. I then asked do you speak Spanish?

Mr. E which that’s what we will call him stated yes, I speak Spanish fluently. He grew up in Baltimore Maryland and he’s Black American. When he was 19 years old he got in some trouble and went to prison until the age of 28. I was like oh my. He told me that since he’s been out of prison he has changed his life around and I still was curious about how did he learn Spanish? Mr. E informed me that while being in prison he was around a lot of Latinos and he was curious to know what they were saying so every day he would get his books and the dictionary and this is how he taught himself the language.

While we were talking a phone call came in and Mr. E stated pardon me he proceeded to speak in Spanish just as if he was born and raised from a Latino country. Mr. E finished his conversation and we continued ours so I then began to ask him about growing up in Baltimore he explained it was rough and that he thought that being imprisoned was the best thing because it saved his life.

I informed him that he should write a book or better yet be a motivational speaker to young men and women. Mr. E said that would be a great idea he would love to inspire the youth. Mr. E has accomplished so much since being out of prison he works for no one now which he previously has and received several promotions. Now he is an entrepreneur with his own trucking business. I am so glad that I met this young man, God allowed me to meet him and know that your not the only person who has gone through trials & tribulations in their life. Although I haven’t been in prison sometimes life’s trials and tribulations can make u feel that way.

May God continues to bless Mr. E.

~ S.Boujeae

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