Hello everyone, It’s me again S.Boujeáe let’s talk about THE CONNECTION OF LOVE

Love a special feeling you feel towards another individual that seems to give you that butterfly feeling in the pit of your stomach. Come on I know everyone has had this feeling before?

The connection of love is not something that is removed from your soul when an individual has broken things off with you. The love you feel for this individual is so strong it will not go away. You may ask yourself why won’t these feelings go away? Why can’t I go on with your life? Do they have a hold on your mind? It’s simple you won’t allow yourself to move on because you feel that you can’t live without them. It’s all a mind game. That individual may have a hold on your mind that will not allow you to move on. They want to “Have Their Cake and Eat It Too” and you’re ok with this because you’re not ready or you don’t want to get away.

Is this selfish on their part? Yes and No it could be but when the connection of love occurs it’s not easy to break away.

Do you need to express your experiences of your connection to love? Talk about it with me.

~ S.Boujeáe.

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