Taliaferro Collections Self-made Designer  

Leeannah rocks this stunning ensemble while catching the eye of the lens what a spectacular model in the making. ~ S.Boujeáe Photo design by S.Boujeae

Shoneah is focusing on being successful in all her endeavors. She loves posing for the camera.

This lovely young lady is an amazing inspiring model from Newark, NJ. Leeannah Pearl Hunter works the runway as if she has been modeling for many years. Being an athlete by nature Leeannah has discovered the world of modeling to be exciting and as you see, it comes naturally to her. Watch for more to […]

    Taliaferro Collection This designer has been designing for over 25 years. Taliaferro can bring your design thoughts to life. More from Taliaferro coming soon! ~ S.boujeae

Shoneah loves making a fashion statement everytime she steps out of the house! S.Boujeáe

Shoneah loves working out and enjoys wearing comfortable workout gear. Photo design created by S.Boujeáe   

Leeannah Pearl Hunter is an inspiring model who loves to love being around family, shopping and playing basketball.  Photo by SOTI  soti@soti.com John L Studios Photo design created by S.Boujeáe ~S.Boujeáe  

  Fashion Picks- How do you express yourself when it comes to fashion trends? These two young ladies enjoy wearing fashions that express the way they feel. Let’s look at these two young lady’s styles. Shoneah shows off a little gray top with a jean jacket over it with High-waisted jeans that are ripped at […]